Hello Aptonians! #Let's F*ucking Move on Aptos..It's Da Boom!

The Aptonians NFT

Style. Power. Evolution.

  • Mint 4 Nov 2022
  • Price WL - 2 $APT
  • Price Public - 2.5 $APT
  • Supply 5000 NFTs

Perks and Utility

  • Sheeeesh

    The Aptonians have a fantastic design that definitely catches your eye! A lot more than just humans. Aptonians are the new master race.

  • Diplomatic

    The Aptonians' founding fathers negotiated day and night with the other peoples of Aptos, lobbying for the interests of the Aptonians nation.

  • Creators

    NFT it's just the beginning of our journey. We will create a lot at Aptos Space and become the most robust community. Be part of us!


In our time, the real value is community opportunities and results. And each of us is a small part. But why be just a small part when you can become a part of a Great force? Our community has made it our mission to bring together all users and developers of Aptos at an early stage in order to multiply our results, explore the possibilities of Aptos together, and help early and existing projects and users build products with maximum value.


We are enlightened, we are creators, we are researchers, we are analysts, we are professionals, not enthusiasts, we are a team of experts - each with his own super-power in the blockchain world and we want to share our experience and skills. The idea behind this project is to put a face to the brand that will host various services within the Aptos ecosystem. The Aptonians dev team will work relentlessly to give Aptonians holder the highest value possible from the NFT.

Why Aptos?

Since our team has been working in the crypto space, we have gained vast experience in project analytics. Aptos is a project with great potential for us. The creators, investors, technology and goals of the project clearly say that the project has a grandiose future. It will be very different indeed from existing Layer 1 chains.

The Space Chart of the Aptonians nation

An ambitious but achievable route and you are at the very beginning of it! Be an Aptonian, we will make global impact and take over Aptos.

  • Stage



    The Team formation. Determination of digital art and the values we want to bring to our community.

  • Stage



    Building a best community on Aptos, entering into partnerships with other projects, launching a discord, launching a website, launching a collection in the testnet on marketplaces. Let's make some noise, Let's make everyone know about Aptonians!

  • Stage



    Aptos mainnet launch. The time when everyone will see our brightness & mint in Mainnet! Closed Aptonians community with core Aptos members & exclusive WL, NFT, and coin drops on Aptos for Aptonians NFT holders. Merch.

  • Stage



    The transformation from an NFT project to something much bigger. Implementation of APTONIANS staking. Our best developers are working on creating the APTONIANS market (NFT market on Aptos). APTONIANS Station (NFT launch pad on Aptos). The Aptonians holders participate in revenue sharing and giveaways for the launchpad.

  • Last


    There is no last stage to our evolution

    In the era of technology, standing still means rolling back! Therefore, our path is the path of continuous development. Marketing campaign on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google. Involving more and more partners and therefore more and more value for the Aptonian community. Stay tuned!

Get involved

Join our mission to take over the Aptos. Complete tasks, create content, make people see the power of the Aptonians community. The most active will get it all.

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